Strictly 4 My Jeeps - Action Bronson

Better slow down baby
I'm out here wildin'
Better slow down baby
Sh_t is crazy

You need to slow down baby
My whole team cash and load out baby
I'm a hero in my home town, baby
Stop talking, just go down, baby

[Verse 1:]
Sh_t on my chest, shoot colors like a care bear
All year see me tan, hopping out the van
You wasn't there, now you tryna show face
F_ck around, be a cold case
Chrome skates on an old day
Remote control chains, promote dough for the veins
Poke chicks, hoes with vogue legs
Eat steaks off a cold plate, stoned listening to Cold Play


[Verse 2:]
Long knife, by the spinal built like a rhino
Push the 635 to the finals
Pearl white like what you sniffin' in your sinus
The finest vaginas demolished by my d_ck
One year from Queens to the top
Cream of the crop Serve a fiend out my sock
Five minutes till they lean like the drop
Now they spinning through the furnace like the scene from The Rock
Hide spinach like a doomsday prepper
Every Sunday in my Tuesday leather
Now my beard look like Uday and Qusay
Play the pool on a cool day


[Verse 3:]
A lot of people with their hands out now
Got these motherf_ckers mad 'cause I'm a stand out now
You never let the hammer off, you got the soft hands
I hear you singing for the boss man
I'm from a lost land, spill coke on the heater
Drop a little sauce on the beater
Zero to 60 in a Porsche like a cheetah
New York I'm like Jeter, light Caesar
No hypebeaster, rock a nice sneaker
You get drugs for a good price
My price cheaper, guaranteed
My trunk snapping like a tambourine
Bodying these pussies with a camera team

Uh! You better slow down, baby
Uh! You better slow down, baby
Uh! You better slow down, baby
You better slow down, baby


[Outro: x2]
You need to slow down baby
I'm a hero in my home town, baby

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