All I Know - AKA

AKA he's a beast, he's a problem though
The one that you motherf_ckers should solve but don't
Spin six CD shuttles then revolve my flow
Six joints in and your coffin close

See me in the club I'm in my office clothes
No plan B this is all I know
Broke b_tches looking where the bottle went
But she be lucky if she get McDonalds man

Ahh, I'm so professional
I spit the truth it's like this booth is my confessional
I'm under pressure hardly sober in my session now
Rappers feel inferior, I'm focused on them hits but my girl missing her period
That sh_t that make me go crazy, I'm still a f_cking baby No ready for no babies
Baby, want me to stay a while
I wanna make her smile but money don't make itself
Now I'm loading up my baggages, in pursuit of happiness
Told her that I dealt with the flaws of my character
I'm headed to the capital, cape of good dope
Nikki got some girls who gon' be some good hosts
She gon' be like "See? There you go again"
That's why I'm in a club on my f_cking BBM
That's why I'm never trusted when I'm in DBN
We work it out then we go right back to the begin


I need a paradigm shift on a double
A paradise somewhere in my mind I can run to
I, once upon a time you and I was a couple
But now you turn to ice everytime I try touch you
Wish I could press rewind, on every single line
When I was kicking it with different b_tches every night
They say that love is blind, you see that camera clickin' in my eyes
Now everytime I need to go you need to pick a fight
I be leaving for domestic
See me by the exit, Jesus on my necklace
The evil's on my guest list
Yes, this is the path I chose, cut deeper than the pieces of the hearts I broke
And she gon be like "Why we go through this every week?
You taking all my energy I need a new release"
That's why we best enemies when I'm in CPT
We work it out then we turn in 180 degrees


We thought this love was ever green
You told me that my loving would be all you ever need
Lucky for you, it's the last time I ever leave
I'd rather die on my feet than try to live on my knees
The party scene tore us apart
So many new beginnings I don't know where to start
Sometimes I wonder if you think about me at all
Sh_t all you gotta do is turn that radio on (Let's Go)


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