Let Me Show You - AKA

I wish that we could see each other through the same eyes
I wish that we could meet each other in the same life
Cause love is like your favorite song, it goes on and on and on
So let me show
You are my, You are my higher
So let me show you
It goes on and on and on, so let me show you

[Verse 1:]
All praise to the most high
Think back on my old life
Got a little of buzz through the grape vine
And a couple outfits on lay-buy
Mommy had to work on the late nights
Daddy had to swim with the great whites
Meanwhile I stay schemin', day dreamin'
Front page Sunday Times
Your love is Luxury Goods
You did the best that you could
So I get the house that you dream about and put four rings in your hood
Put your glass up in the sky, for my angel in disguise
Thank God that your by my side
In my heart and on my mind


[Verse 2:]
I heard it all before
They build you up then break you down like Berlin Wall
When times are tough you're like the Sun and make my world revolve
This love is something like a drug that Midas touch n' go
You solid gold
Haters can say whatever
You're my stairway to heaven
Good luck in future endeavors
Show love no ruler could measure
Wish I could jump out the speakers
Bridge the distance between us
A list of all my achievements
You are the reason


[Verse 3:]
Wonder boy on a mission
They trying to humble my tone
Made the righteous decision for my embody and soul
Oh, one shot for my n_ggas
We got the Sun to control
The other shot for supervision and area codes
Sticky, Tweezy and JeJe
DJ Fanatic and L.E.S
Khuli Chana the legend, Master A Flat on the credit
Spoodoo rocking position
Lover, Yanga and Chicken
Tibz, Nkabinde, Kay-Gizm


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