Victory Lap (Remix) - AKA feat Tumi, HHP, Amu

[Introduction - AKA & Tumi:]
Haa? Victory Lap Remix
You know we had to get the legends for this one right?
AKA,Ivy League all day? Let's go [AKA]
T from the V papa? [Tumi]
And ah? Ivy League papa? and ah [AKA]
It's big T papa? [Tumi]

[Verse 1 - Tumi:]
You don't gotta clap for a legend
You shut the f_ck up,homie standard attention
Soon as my name is mentioned
They throw me a couple down,now that's a grand entrance
So while you claim to have the title belt
Sh_t I take the bottom up and put me like suspenders
Wear these loafers out like Alpha Elken
With more lines in my head than the young Nelson
Ah? welcome the hardest letter peddler just stepped in,
Respect him, no amount of that doing can help him
He first in, but the hunger get him second
And besides he's here to help the younger settle in
T from the V I'm in my element? feature
Cause I felt the kid like avalanche
Y'all gonna remember this for the simple fact
Newsflash "you sunk boat victory laaaap!"
They say I settle the score, war face like Helen of Troy
Won't break I got metal for bars, colgate flow fresher than yours
Whole place go apeship applaud?

How many rappers in world right now?
Hate it that none of them do it like I
Never get enough never get enough
Never too much V.I.C.T.O.R.Y
Hands up for my victory lap? hands up for my victory lap
(Toast to the winners)
Hands up for my victory lap? hands up for my victory lap
(if you know you a winner)

[Verse 2 - AKA:]
I got a brand new addiction
Studio smelling like my grand mama kitchen
Cooking hits up,plenty space cooking biscuits
Black fists pump that twenty 76 sh_t
Just another hit Ivy League designed
I push the Benjamin's b_tton,I'm ahead of my time
I'm something like the teenage double H P
Words carry weight,that's a heavy sixteen
This is the land slide victory
You disfranchised through history
Course in my veins magistrate courts or the grave
Only way to get divorced from the game
A thought for my enemies we don't play fair
So pray for the day that we let them break bread
And this ones up two fingers like Gandhi
Get the haters enough rope and tell 'em bhanjee


[Verse 3 - HHP:]
Now pull aside for my victory lap
O fetsa ho mpona me kill die plek
A massacre by the mystery chap ? my name Jabula
Sweetest taboo like the band sweet back
Make the party bounce like a weak cheque
I'm deep black I demand your respect
I pack beef like the ghetto version of Big Mack
My seeds back I'm having my cheese snack
JT bringing six to six back
I rhyme lekker hence the boots are shaking it
Bad news to Jews like a pizza with bacon in
Now done faking and leaving the sieve for saking it
Crack open the glass this bird is for the taking now
I'm baking like dough boy in heat wave
I'm making the whole worlds to behave
So be brave DJ Zondi told ya
A hit skyf killing namane like spoja


[Verse 4 - Amu:]
You made one error,you took me off the list
Of the best to ever spit it on the microphone mechanics
I'm the Grand Pa of rap,I get down and heads are sorted
What? You running this game? No wonder rap is being aborted
A rap vet,I'm selling fire to a dragon
I made a profit gave it back to all these has-beens
I took my back pack and traded it in for fashion
I gotta look fresh for it the finish lines I'm passing
Mad sparks I'm addressing
Represent ikasi lakho boy time for action
Get your hood up in arms like Christ of passion
Or just grab a drink with the fruit of passion
They called me up to come do what I do best
To make sure rappers play safe like new sex
It's the beginning of the ending,give me credit
I'm demanding reprehension while I'm at it
The principal?

Hands up for my victory lap? hands up for my victory lap
(Toast to the winners)
Hands up for my victory lap? hands up for my victory lap
(if you know you a winner)

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