I Want It All - AKA feat Khuli Chana, Pro

[Intro / Hook:]
I want it all from the sky to the ground when it hit the floor
So batho ba kasi ba baisa so? so bo Jahman ba baisa zol
Taxi drivers ba re chaisa so? Bomzala ba paiza qho?
Sky? ground? hit the floor
So batho ba kasi ba baisa so? so bo Jahman ba baisa zol
Taxi drivers ba re chaisa so? Bomzala ba paiza qho?

[Verse 1: AKA]
I want it all guts the glory gots the pain and more
Yeah it's all in the name I'm on
For the game I pause, what it takes to be great wa bon'
You pump everybody that came before
Put the world on the wishlist
So everyday could be Christmas
The 25th is too far
Many thick girls in this club on the Saturday night
Who wanna act like Christians the mark
So lord I want it all for my comrades
To run city to city like comrades
We did it from the beginning the hard way
Speak up stand and finish with arms raised
That's the strength of a dreamer, fill my team up
Stay the Perelli's 20 inches on the Beamer
Money between us looking good so the future looks greener
Go tell them other rappers gijima?b_tch


[Verse 2: Pro]
IV League made I believe
I be big vibin' six sengi-charger 45 per gig
Street cred kasi life from my cypher I'm big
Since when is betrayal for survival kid
So nga-switch-a baqinelwa bonke ngaba richer
Ba snitch-a bangijikela bonke so nga shift-a
Ba speed-a sort by sithunyana nje nge heater
Budget-eli stock se lemon i-life i-bitter
Laba bangikhumbuza umadala ngenkati zakh'
Flosherm straight cut ngapha i-Cutty Sakki
Angihlalise phantsi athi mfana mele ulifasi i-plug
ILife is kinda rough ncono kumashwi tswala
So I've been here mfana when usaphush' i-cat-nyana
I'm addicted ntwana phele ngidile nge-skirt-nyana
Infact ntwana fede one impact-nyana
I will b_tch ass ngale cheque and street cash ntwana


[Verse 3: AKA]
They keep telling me about the good life
Bright lights and bad girls make it hard to be the good guy
Everyday sticky green powder blue sky
Spending like whatever just to get a good vibe
Party like Durban July ? nje nge b-man
You can have whatever you like if you can dream it
Whip it hard 'til you ball through the ceiling
But whoop the stocks so these muthaf_ckaz see it
You n_ggas can't weaken us (no?)
Go tell them haters keep it up (good job)
That's why I be running the streets like the fly Hector Pieterson
With my Adidas on
They say the struggle ain't the same
He tried to live and we trying to maintain
He was about change and I'm about change
You see the similarities [?]
Now the only thing that hold me down is gravity

[Outro / Hook]

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