Mailbox Arson - Alexisonfire

(Your mail's not safe in this town)

I strike a red bird on your face
and pour the kerosene in your mouth
I watch the match fall down your throat
I burn all your precious bowels
I watch the smoke pour from every crack
And breathe in your secret lives
All your bills, pay, and welfare cheques
But I don't think I can stay for long
There's lots more mail that's not yet ash

(Your mail's not safe in this town)

I watch the smoke start to rise
One hundred homes
One hundred fires
Everything you own now burns away

This town is no longer mine
It's f_cked with me for the last time
How I wish that I could see your face

When the sky is streaked with plumes
Know that it's my signature
Upon this wretched f_cking city

Mailbox Arson
My sweet revenge

I'll strike a match and burn away-
Every tie that binds me to this place

When the smoke clears,
You can consider us even

(Your mail's not safe in this town)

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