00:00 (Time...Sucks.) - Atomic Potato

Is it time for bed yet?
I'm craving another snack
can't look myself in the mirror
too bad I don't smoke crack

My motivation left my body
about 8 hours ago when I woke up
trying to push through hours
so I can lay down and my head will
Useless isn't how I feel
This aggravation stems from something real
I could put myself inside your shoes but then
I'd clamor to get out
I'm tensing up
I'm waiting for
Today to end
The more I dwell the more I smell
the stench of insignificance

If I had a bigger part to play
don't you think that I would
Know what to do now?

Take a deep breath
Try not to overthink
Stay still and receive this mental fax
Find a path and you won't have to worry
Where is this supposed to take me
I don't want a lot but its getting quite a chore
Gotta depend on other people
and it takes money to go on tour
Effort is another thing
110% or quit
Candy is great but fruits and grains come first
and I'm constantly
In this war with my body
Shouldn't have even become any kind of issue
Just eat when your hungry
Don't go overboard to stay true
This hour isn't quite over god I wish
That I was tired so I could drop my pen
and go to bed again
and when it's worked itself through
you'll have a family and a dog to go home to

I need to make some calls and get in good with the local rappers so I can
shine upon this scene and fill the people with laughter
Yes that was a joke because on stage
I'd freestyle and I'd choke
When I open my mouth to spit some rhymes this is
what you'd hear
Hello there audience my name is Robertfail in high school
Green Day was my favorite band, and NOFX and Eminem taught me well
I might be pissed or I might be happy you don't care if the beats phat right?
Well prepare yourself for some punk ass sh_t i'm gonna take you through the night

This isn't what you paid for
So KILL ME stop this and end this song right now and
Delete this song from the download folder

Where were was I at... oh yeah...
I was complaining about the time
Drop the vice and get your mind off the floor so
Welcome to the Dojo
Time to become a man
Your training consists of
Pushing yourself harder every day
You'll learn self discipline, how to hold up to your honor
There are no rewards just self respect
Now after all this has worked itself through
You'll have a family and a dog to go home to
And you can thank yourself and a little boy named blue

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