Umbrella - Atomic Potato

Hanging over my head
as I walk the streets
my feet are soaking wet
I yell at you but you can't hear a thing
If you could yell at me
I think we'd hear the same
Nothing was bothering me
was lost and didn't care
Refused to board the train
although I paid the fare
Coursing through my brain
I smoked that joint
and now I've gone insane
The taxi came
Driver got me taco bell
Dropped me right back here
Its a mental prison and living hell
Chicago, Illinois
can you hear me shouting loud?
Notify authorities
a maniac is about!
(He's a hero without a clue)

A power strip hangs from the streetlight
The thunder was so damn loud I thought it was a Nuclear bomb
Banging this stringless guitar I got from a stranger
Now I just want my mom

Here I sit alone with checkered walls
The rose I bought is wilting a petal falls
I can see the plane
A reflection in the window tells me a million things I can't understand
Why don't you make me rich
And we'll play to thousands at the celebration
when I'm old Seth can roast me on national TV
and the story ends here because
I passed it over and I
left with my family

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