Straight Outta Kettering - Atomic Potato

I thought ska music was supposed to be about unity
But gentrification left you with a black-free community
You were raised with no respect and when it comes to fear
You were raised in a place without many black peers
So it's clear, that you're racist but you try and act bigger
"We're not racist, you just get offended when we use the word -"
F_ck that, there's disrespect, elation and an oral fixation
And everytime there's vocal dictation there's a negative correlation
Combining negativity in your mind with the thought of a another race
Now I'm glad I never grew up in such a f_cked up place
Disgrace, and most of them won't even say it to your face
Maybe they should be held down, hosed down, sprayed with mace
The great irony is that they get MLK day off school
They show no appreciation because showing appreciation just ain't cool
And everytime they get a cheap laugh from making another racial joke
They should feel the pain of being economically enslaved and broke
And choked, metaphorically by forced segregation
There goes the hood when it comes to gentrification
Housing inflation, and profiling carried out by the police station
And humiliation, without humility these kids are on vacation
I hope they say the wrong thing and get hit
Because I'm not a big enough man to stand up to their sh_t

I'm not racist I'm not racist in fact I don't know why I say this
I'm not racist I'm not racist in fact I don't know why I say this

Check this, a wealthy family buys a house a block from me
Sure enough my rent goes up, now my landlord's dropping me
And now my neighborhood has turned into commercial property
And some monopoly builds suburbs for white families to live 'properly'
Now your suburban city is a whopping 1 percent black
and you live comfortably in your 99 percent pack
Meaning legislation is completely run by the white folks
Predominantly republican votes turning every election into a joke
Until you choke, physically by auto _rotic affixation
Or the realization that you live in sophisticated segregation
Inauguration doesn't mean sh_t when the system hasn't changed
The deck chairs on the titanic have been re-arranged
Nothing estranged, everything will flow the way it always has
The upper class are criminals, but you never see them on the polygraph
And all I ask is that you try and be a little more appreciative
Of the way you live, because you'll always get way more than you'll ever give
Yet you still make jokes about this race who gave you so much sh_t
Ska, blues, reggae, jazz; who the f_ck you think created it?
Without blues there would be no rock n roll
and without rock n roll, there wouldn't be guitar hero
Which is all you care about because your life is empty and plain
These things you would understand if you even had half a brain

I'm not racist I'm not racist in fact I don't know why I say this
I'm not racist I'm not racist in fact I don't know why I say this

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