Can We Start Again - Bane

Can we start again
Go back to what it meant back then
Open minds and open hearts
The things that set us apart
Was it more than words
And do they still apply
And do you still believe
Well so do I
I was a 15 year old kid
With nowhere to fit in
I just wanted to skate
Listen to my Suicidal tape
When someone told me about a place
Where the strange were accepted
And judged by what's inside
A scene of truly open minds
Somewhere, somehow, everything has changed
Look at what we've gotten ourselves caught up in
The same mindless clicks
The same high school sh_t
All the walls you scream about breaking down
I've watched you build brick by brick
Do you still believe-I do
Look beyond the 3 chords that fill your lives
Look beyond the gossip and the lies
Beyond the dullest of outsides
Look beyond
Try harder
See what's inside this burning in my heart
Born under the same songs that you know
But our blood will never blend
Until you let those doors go

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