One for The Boys - Bane

I'm in the big blind
With an average stack and aggressive image
The four seat limps right after me, never a good sign
He's been beating up the table showing down strong cards all night
The maniac in the nine throws in another raise, he loves to raise
Confusing foolishness for courage and swinging on a vine
I peek at my cards
And decide I'm gonna defend the four seat does the same

And we all buckle in for our favorite ride

I'm first to act and bet the pot hoping to win it right then and there
But the 4 seat calls and the maniac folds
And I'm out of position with a lowly pair of twos
The dealer burns and turns
It is in this half second where life becomes perfect
The mind a weapon
Tomorrow's worries and yesterday's mistakes, they crumble and fall away
For now I'm on the wire

I check, the four bets
THe trap snaps shut as I push my whole stack into the middle
He shakes his head to let me know
He doesn't have those dreaded pocket 8's
And sighs "I have to call"

The river comes, that sexy, sexy Ace of spades
And all is well in the world

Now you wanna take a good man down?
Send him back to his wallet to steam off another 500?
Well you just wink and show him threes up

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