Her Lucky Pretty Eyes - Bane

How did I not know that your words meant less than dust
And were born of an idea that you had heard but having
Nothing in common with truth or with trust
Everything that you swore so quickly snatched away
And me left without a heart and nothing to hold onto
But still so much to feel
While my house burned down you didn't bring water but gasoline
And all I ever hated rose right up and bled through you
Now I can only regret every moment that we spent
Every second we shared only makes matters worse
For I have seen the truth behind the sparkle in your eyes
I finally see the ugly behind your pretty disguise
Now I can't stop wishing that you had never looked my way
And you have the nerve to ask me why
Why the f_ck did you tell me about magic and then
Show me the strings
Why did you whisper that your heart was in my teeth
When that was the first place that you kicked me as
I lay helpless on the ground
Yes all that once was has turned to the blackest of hate
Instead of wishing you the best
I will be rooting for you to fall
As I learn the most painful lesson of all
That a lie is a lie is a lie is a lie
I don't give a f_ck how pretty it's disguise

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