I Once Was Blind - Bane

Welcome to the day that you opened your eyes
So wide that it nearly took your life away
And you are finally seeing all the things
That you have been missing
Could it really be that you have been so blind
Or just merely looking the other way
Today the world comes into focus
And the hardest truth that you have ever known
Grabs you by the throat
There never was a light at the end of the tunnel
The tunnel you have been trapped in all these years
And one simple answer cuts down all of your questions
And two and two suddenly makes five
And it's a revelation that you can no longer hide from
You are falling, sinking, drowning, burning in lies
(There is nothing left for you to hold onto)
You've found the landmine with your foot
And your world is about to flip upside down
Falling lower than you've ever been
You will have to fight to ever get up again
It's uglier than it's ever been
This World
But it's yours now and you finally know
What you are up against
It's up to you to take it
This World
You stick out your tongue and taste the rain
Because there will be no going home again
This is the hollow point
The truth that you've been searching for
All these long years
All the horror that you've uncovered
With you now and forever more
The bullet that tears right through you
Leaves you broken
Scarred for life
All the lies that your teachers told you
All the things your parents said
Soaked through with gasoline
Gun shots echo through your head
This world will run right through you
This world will run you through

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