Swan Song - Bane

Today won't be like yesterday
The bell tolled for an hour straight
Screaming mothers chased their chidren down
Fathers tear out their eyes
As the city crumbled to the ground

Outside the streets are in a panic
Truth sellers jump from tall, tall ledges
No sign of Christ with a sword in his mouth
Beneath the blood red sky, I'll sit and laugh with you tonight

This is a promise I made to you
I'll be right there
I'll be right next to you

When the trumpets blare the loudes and cannons roar
All that trains that once came for you
Spill off the track's floor
All your horrors they multiply
And you realize your fears
I'll block your ears with both of my hands
Kiss away the tears

When armageddon's been locked and loaded
I will come back for you...

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