Photo Jenny - Belle and Sebastian

I'm in a mess, i'm in a dress
There's nothing from here till tomorrow morning
How will i get there?
I don't do drugs
All my friends are on their holidays

I go outside, it's not so bad
I saw my friend and he couldn't believe that
The girls were holding hands
The girls are holding hands
Don't be a fool
It's 1995, the girls are just friends

They got the drugs i could use but then i don't need any
All that i want is a photograph of photo jenny
How will i get one? i don't know
How will i get one? i don't know
How will i get her to strike a pose?

It's getting cold, i'll catch the bus
I saw my friend when she's finished working
Get some fish and chips
What's on the box?
'man about the house' with paula wilcox

You see the boy/girl's at the bar
Everyone thinks she's really ugly
But i shut my eyes
And the star of it is photo jenny

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