Call My Name - Benzino feat Jadakiss

Uh huh, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh

Yo, yeah, aiyo
We can do whatever you want to, I promise
Fight, play razor tag or spit lamas
I'm two hun up over the roof
Hopin' at least one hit your upper gums over your tooth
Cause a lot of n_ggas just talkin'
Wanna kill a n_gga on a record, when they see 'em they just talkin'
In my case, I'm a just hawk 'em
Cause n_ggas is waitin' for a lawsuit, it's hot and they walkin'
They sendin' dudes up like clockwork
N_ggas that can't hold it down usually come home with artwork
Ain't no such thing as a smart jerk
Then again, one f_ckin' dumb dumb can make your heart jerk
D-Block n_gga, we got work
That old school gray sh_t, uncut, got n_ggas pops hurt
You ran off Broadway, I get top work
Minority report, you don't know what you got murk, that's why...

[Chorus - Benzino]:
Everybody wanna call your name
Until you squeeze them chromey thangs
Everybody wanna call you out
Until you pull up at the house
And everybody wanna try and bluff
Go 'head n_gga press your luck, what's up?
And everybody wanna call your name
Don't wait, just please call my name

Dear God, I got eighty five forty five bullets in the Tommy
With an extra thirty clip in my back pocket so try me
I'm on the yellow lines on one knee
Tryin' a hit a n_gga in a building in One D
Yeah, D-Block, you hatin' the unity
I bring it to your motherf_ckin' gated community
In case you ever get it in your mind again
Twenty little dirty n_ggas, with no guns throwin' Heinekens

By the time you hear this verse, I done staked you out
Me, V nailed and hearse, layin' at your house
We screwin' silencers, put a muzzle on that AK
Rip that n_gga sh_t in half, make that b_tch pay
Annihilate, every piece of ground you walk on
No need to talk on coward, I get my chalk on
It's always one n_gga on the side
Talkin' out his mouth next thing you know he bleedin' from his side


Are you crazy? I was in the dirt since '87
If war is hell, then will I ever go to heaven?
The D duck, Zino bring the Tommy when I re-up
Four and a half is nothin', get your ki's up
You boys stop bluffin', before you get beat up
Take your car keys, throw your ass in the trunk
Slide off with your b_tches, L.E.S. track bump
Cats still can't figure me out (what?)
Askin' how this n_gga in the game gained so much clout?
F_ck whoever wanna claim king, I lay you down
Take your chain and your ring, you can keep the crown
I told your man the same thing, he can eat these rounds
Lacerate your face, pistol whip you unconscious
Your block never did so I know you can't want this
You rap a good one, but I see it in your eyes
You like to bang on wax cause you don't wanna die


Uh huh, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh

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