Love (Hidden Track) - Benzino

'Zino, uh
Young Yellow
Old star
From Boston to NY

We do it for the

Purple haze, Philly blunts, n_ggas on the corner
Semi-auto weapons, with the red scope on it
N_ggas don't want it, my dawgs we do it for the
Fly b_tches, ponytails, jeans fit just right
Get brains on the nine o' clock flight
That this is for them n_ggas up in Walpole
Norfolk, Nashua, South Bay, sh_t
You know them n_ggas get

For them Hang Man 3, cause they got love for me
I rap for them, they do the same for me
I got (love) for them hustlers that be throwin' them dice
All my hood rich n_ggas on the block with ice
I got (love) for the deceased that died for the cause
For everybody in the jailhouse locked behind bars
I got (love) for them ladies in Victoria thongs
That ain't afraid to hold me down with the sh_t go wrong

See it's like (love) when I be blazin' up a ounce a hyro
Ride through the projects and there's no five-o
That's (love) sittin' in the court with a grin on my face
Hundred thousand dollars put up so I can beat this case
You know that's (love) n_ggas workin' with the Feds, that's trife
Got ya man twenty-five to life motherf_cker
That be -- (love)

--I got -- for the blunt smokers, the wood smokers
Dutch smokers, even you green leaf rollers
I got (love) for my Timberland boots, Burberry suits
Plenty of loot, topless coupes
I got (love) for my grandmom's, my little brother
For the youth in the struggle, together we'll get tougher

(Love) All my n_ggas get
(Love) All my b_tches get
(Love) Scream
(Love) L-O (Love) 'Zino (Love, love)

We got (love) for them bastard children
Stealin' them buildin's, postin' the block, tryin' to touch a million
That's (love)

For my people, workin' hard at night
Run the graveyard shift, gotta get that money, right
You know it's (love) when I send my boy commensary
A Playboy magazine and picture of Halle Berry
That's (love) when I let you hold my nine, bring it back
Chicks where you at, you ain't gotta be a diamond stack

We got (love) for them baby mama strippers
Cause baby dad ain't in the picture, don't worry we there with ya
It's all (love) when the 'dro is lit
We got everybody laughin', chokin' and sh_t
Now that's (

This is for my n_ggas who ain't here
Pour the Remi out, shed light, on incarcerated tears
Who got (love)

For the Juvi's in detention halls
Just hit me collect and I'm exceptin' the call
Cause that's (love)

From these Boston, Mass bandits
Haters can't stand it, and that's exactly how we planned it
Show me (love)

All my hoods get (love)


All my peoples get (love)
(Love, love, love, love)

Yo, all my n_ggas get (love)
All my b_tches get (love)
Show us love (love, love...)
Show us love (love, love..)
'Zino (love, love...)
Our family get (love)
All the world get, show us love (love, love...)
Scream (love, love...)
Holla (love, love...
Show us love (love, love...)

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