Makes You Wanna Holla - Benzino

Now we gon' burn this right here
Ay yo, dim the lights down
Yeah, yeah
We gon' let the track talk to 'em

Fly cars, pretty hos, rocks on my arm, sh_t
You'd think I had the world in my palm
Surrounded by the team, pockets full of C.R.E.A.M.
Still ain't all peaches and cream
Cause it's hard being a rich man, 'specially when you black
No margin for error, no room for slack
Cops stay on your back
Lyin', tryin' to convict me
They wait to treat a n_gga, you would think it was the 60's an it

Makes you wanna holla
To the top of my lungs, but the weed smoke's blockin' my lungs
Watchin' my son
I know this game is mean, don't let him go where I've gone
See what I've seen, takin' puffs of the green
Keep my mind off this bullsh_t
It's like a mental tug of war
With every bullsh_t I gotta keep a full clip
You n_ggas don't understand
I'm only human man, I'm just like you, damn

[Chorus x2]:
Makes you wanna holla
Cause it's hard sometimes, on the grind
When you're tryin' to get them dollars man and
Prayin' for tomorrow
But it might not come so I'm a hustle til my work is done

Livin', swimmin' in bucks, big boy trucks
Sometimes I feel like givin' it up
Drop top chrome pipes, damn, what a life
I'd trade it all just to sleep some nights
It's hard bein' a gangsta
'Specially when you get the D.A. still buildin' a case
Everywhere you turn cameras all up in your face
I.R.S. audit your papes trying to take your estate
And you man's on the stand raisin' his right hand
Cause you swear to tell the truth I bet you do and it

Makes you wanna holla
Cause when you got dollars every chick wanna holla
Claimin' they swallow
Need the so-called cats you knew from way back
Swearin' they your cousin wanna run with pack
Be your man long as you givin' him stacks
But let you get f_cked and need a buck
He ain't callin' you back
Now what type of sh_t is that?


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