Flying - Bilal

Can't say no sh_t that she ain't heard before
Can't buy no gifts that she ain't got
She's been 'round playin' this all her life, you know
She say her daddy raised her right

He caught a serious bit when she was 6 years old
The biggest old dealer like to sell your soul
He kept his daughter in a paradise
He liked to dress her up like a China doll

Now when the Feds bust in shootin' rounds
He said, "Everybody in the house, hit the ground"
And it all went up in a cloud of coke
And mamma lay dyin' there on the ground

When the smoke disappeared
She flew away
That's what they say
The poor little girl is a foster child
Led to the streets to run a-wild

Yeah, so it goes
Of the agony, all the pain
The worst thing she didn't choose the road
Though it's safe to stay on the railroad
But it's never ever wrong to take her home

She's flying
She's flying, yeah
She's flying
She's flying, yeah

There was some love she loved long ago
She gave that man her heart
(And soul)
He was the one that made her blood run cold
Another bad time in her life

He had her walkin' the town sellin' her ass
They was makin' money till she broke her back
One day, how you do that?
Upside down on a bow when you're smokin' crack

Somebody yelled from the back
Somebody get this hoe up off the floor
And [?] called the f_ckin' ambulance
Now here we go

With the black top
Could've been a star
But you know how it is
You can't do sh_t when you're injured
Plus these hoes out here is younger every day

Plus when he left, that was that
Never even noticed that he never came back
So f_cked up from prescription pills
She'll never trust the man again

No, now she's crying
She's flying
She's flying, yeah

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