Holyman - Blind Melon

I was born on the banks of a hot muddy river
The child of one stupid steamy night
Born to roam beneath the sun
What do you think of me, I'm better left alone

I met a holyman who said that he knew the way
And he'd like to show me so my life won't go astray
Take my hand child now little boy don't you be afraid
I'll take your soul and walk on water

Holyman you don't understand
The cuts on me they run much deeper
holyman you rightous man
I've been shown the way a thousand times, not one a keeper

Older man he said I'll tell you boy you've planted rotten seeds
And in a land of happiness
They'll grow us evil trees
Gulped minds, and eyes that will never see
HollymanI'll tell you just what it is that I believe


I gotta look away

HolymanI tell you man you gotta believe in what you see
Cause its you who corupt us man and deep throat philosophy
I don't need your spells or the little games ya try to pull on me
Come to think of it I don't need you religion


Gotta get away
I wish you would understand
everybody prays
Let me find my own way


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