Bank Roll - Boosie Badazz

(Verse 1) I send this out to my childhood role model Calvin Ricks big bank rolls, suzuki all gold,(whoo) fresh starch of clothes had all da fine hoes..every time he took a picture he pulled out his bankroll i watched and observed n_ggas taught me how tah serve (word) turnt 16 i was at the corner curb..big knots in my d_ckie pants..had a plug on dat weed and had a plug on dat cain i'm off da chain mayne! trell came home i was on..everythang dat n_gga throwed me it was gone..lil ivy taught me bankrolls f_ck a b_tch(m.o.b) i got dis caine mayne..and i got dis weed and syrup sh_t well lets get rich i got too many knots i couldn't put it in a box (DAMN!) 6 months really a n_gga actin silly made a 150 when i put it in my mind i can make a million dollars if i grind, bankroll time!

Bankroll after bank roll big money i like it bank roll after bank roll a million
dollars on my mine 100 gs at a time n_gga
im like a b_tch with a bank roll take a n_gga shoppin got her own sh_t take a n_gga
blockin you out chia poppin them pills f_ckin them stank hoes
keep it real you aint really about your bank rolls satisfy a couple stacks now you
straight and plus ya drug every day
n_gga now every day i spend a thousand cash
so everytime money calls i gotta bust my ass
im on the grind b_tch bank roll after bank roll
i aint playin my n_gga i got a mansion my n_gga
mel just hit me with a bank roll T
just hit me with a bank roll but i call them back like i need more
so many kids to feed it aint a game partner all of em eaten good ask my baby momma threw
all the drama imma shine imma grind and picture the booth with a big bank roll

bank roll after bank roll a million 100s on my mind a 100 gs at a time n_gga
bank roll after bank roll a million 100s on my mind a 100 gs at a time n_gga

wattup mr bank roll sh_t im just chillin headed to ny city talkin about a nother million
wuttup mr bank roll same thing stackin my paper till the game done change
cause i love me a bank roll f_ckin right cause with out it who am
make the haters wanna cry drive by & homicides had your life cold n_ggas aint killin for stripes
they want a bank roll you want thes hoe you want these clothes you wanna
stay fly get your mind and your money right
right now all my kids all of em got trust funds so when they grow up they can have
a little fun n_ggas on tv stuntin at me talkin gucci mane hundred and thats funny to me
when you see me cant miss me please dont diss me cause this bank roll a have ya ass missin bank roll n_gga

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