Facetime - Boosie Badazz feat Trey Songz

[Hook - Trey Songz:]
Face time with my little freak
All I need a little peak
Play time under the sheets
I just need a little piece, show it to me
Face time baby, all I need a little peak
Show it to mean, ooh face time baby
Face time with my little freak

[Verse 1 - Boosie Badazz:]
I walked outside to her beautiful face
Beach in the background it's a beautiful day
She got her Pandora on, on her Boosie station
Sweats on real simple and she looking amazing
The view in the beach, the sun and the tree
Made her say ooh baby sin for me
I like to face time her when she wake up with no makeup
No shirt so she can see I got my weight up
Girls night out they go get messed up
When they leave out the club she gon' hit me up
There she go now she all turnt up
Talking nasty blowing kisses girl you do too much
I face time her before the show now I'm doing too much
Hold the camera just right so she can see me iced up
Me and my friend FTing getting our thug on
You going to work face timing with your scrubs on

[Hook - Trey Songz]

[Verse 2 - Boosie Badazz:]
I got a friend that I like to see nighttime daytime
I like to look her in the eye when I say hi
I know she hit me up on the face so I stay fly
'Fore I Instagram her I'm a face time
Walking through the mall looking at her in her board shorts
Made me get some board shorts for my little friends
I tuned in so I told her let me see something
[?] licking my tongue like I want to eat something
Sexy an understatement you bad as can be
You take the stress off a G when you laughing with me
And when my wi-fi tripping, single start dropping
I be doing what I gotta to try to solve that problem
My partners call me FT for short
Seeing your face help me read your heart
I'm in New York getting money business meetings all day
But when I'm finished I'm headed to the room face time baby

[Hook - Trey Songz]

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