Trouble - Boosie Badazz

[Hook x2:]
N_gga you in trouble now
Can't nobody save you now

[Verse 1:]
All black, everythang
This is not a game
This that fufu-fufu-fa, this that fire flame
Itchin' for some attention, so now you entertained
Masked up get it up, how I run it man
All you had to do was chill, mind yo business
But you won't drop in these shoes, these that wrong tennies
Ain't nobody bad, cause this story have a sad ending
One strike you out, another one don't talk
You hear that n_gga, bloaw feel that n_gga
And can't nobody save ya
You in a swamp with gators
We get it in my friend, cause the streets made us
Got my AK, 2 clips taped together
Talkin' like you ball whatever, but we'll finna see
And you can't run, I could touch ya and a penitentiary
You gonna be a memory
You better run when you hear


[Verse 2:]
When we ride, we gon' ride, we gon' show stretchin'
Stalkin' caps in our head, make us look bald headed
When we ride, no survivors, the whole section
2 to the head, 2 to the chest and don't check it
Catch him slippin' by his house, we home reckless
Black gloves, no prints, we known veterans
You done dropped in this water, you really need help
You in the water with great whites and killer whales
These choppas n_gga
These stop a n_gga
This ain't no kiddie land
Welcome to jigga land
When n_ggas kidnap and rob n_ggas like Jigga man
Then watch the b_tch in my hand
I ain't gon' stop with it n_gga
I'm a eat yo lunch with it n_gga
Get the job done with it n_gga
I gon' pull the sawnoff, knock his arm off
We got no specific victims, we want all of y'all


[Verse 3 - Lee Banks:]
Whatever with all this p_ssy ass twitter gang
Thuggin' for the internet
Okay there's beef, I'm with it we can get into that
Computer killers, distance from a distance, kind of sh_t is that?
Let me load up a choppa and pop up where you little n_ggas at
Then all yo families where they at, f_ck em we gon' splam n_ggas
Shotty got a half trigger, knock you in the half n_gga
Why you with that booting, looking stupid, I just laugh n_gga
You can be foolish and get smashed sh_t I die n_gga
Body bags and caskets
White chalk, yellow tape, cold tables and pastors
No I'm not a actor
And no I'm not just a rapper
You can judge me by the corner, I'd close a n_ggas chapter
I'm with that, I ain't with the chit chat
I just click clack
I hop on and drive on, like groaw groaw n_gga get back
I'm a sit back, until it's time to pop up where yo sh_t at
I'd really push a n_gga sh_t back, oh b_tch ass n_gga


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