Boosie Love - Boosie Badazz

[Hook x2:]
Some say it's groupie love, groupie love
I say it's Boosie love, Boosie love
They love the way I thug, way I thug
You ain't no groupie girl, you just got Boosie love

[Verse 1:]
Come thug with me, leave this club with me
Come f_ck with me, come s_ck on me
Cause you know that you got Boosie love
I want you boo, I want you right here
You want me too, you know you want me
Do what you want to do, guess what?
And you can even bring another girl with you
You such a cutie man, cutie man
Get naked, do your thang, do your thang
Put on my Boosie chain, Boosie chain
Give me your sex and show me girl that you got Boosie love
You been wanting this thug n_gga, you bad girl I'm a f_ck with ya
You nasty girl, I'm stuck with you
Got me like "ahhhh-oh", it's bout that time girl
For you to show Boosie what's on your mind girl

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
You f_ck your old man
Tonight it's on man
I can't be cloned man
So once I put it down you gon be gone man
She like that Boosie love (she like that huh?)
Like what I do to her, do to her
Let's make a movie girl, movie girl
So put this X pill in your booty girl
I'm on some fire head, fire head
You love me, swallow that, swallow that
And I'm gon holler back, holler back
Cause now you showing me that you got Boosie love
Come freak me boo, freak me boo
You clean, I'll eat you too, eat you too
Then I go get a sweet for you, sweet for you
Cause like a king how you supposed to treat Boosie Boo

[Hook x2]

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