Call of Duty - Boosie Badazz

I promise to protect and serve my family
And the ones I love
By all means
That's my call of duty

[Verse 1]
Woke up, family calling my line
Real sh_t, 'cause family calling me crying
'Bout lil sh_t, like bills and dollar signs
F_ck around and say that I ain't got it, they say I'm lying
Plus I got to take care of my momma
Got to take care of my daughter, and be a father
One of my baby mamas calling off, want me to fix the picture
Go do for mine, not you, you got a whole n_gga
Aunty need, my cousin need, bought all my nieces' cars
Blessings coming equal for me, all the people love me
No more asking for hundreds, it's thousands, they know I'm getting money
But I ain't Sean John yet, I'm a young Puffy
But a call of duty will, when kids grow beautiful
Soon as I say no, they gon' holler I ain't real no more
I'm from a family of hustlers, players, and fiends
Now I see what comes along with this dream
Serving my call of duty

Promise help to my mama, mama, mama, my mind is [?]
N_gga, that's just my call of duty
Time to be a daddy now, daddy now
Serving my call of duty, serving my call of duty
(I promise to protect and serve my family)
Serving my call of duty, serving my call of duty
(By all means, it's my call of duty)

[Verse 2]
Granny told me with a lot of money comes a long line
Sometimes, I get so tired, think everybody's lying
But I stand up like a real n_gga, [?] I'm a ill n_gga
[?], whole clique shining like a flicker flicker
Family worrying me, PO keep f_cking with me
Shouldn't have got caught with that sh_t, but I need that burner on me
If I keep saying oh nanana, you're gon' start turning on me
Now it's my call of duty to burn your ass, permanently
'Cause my n_ggas in the grave's kids call me Daddy, too
Got a call of duty to try my best to fill their daddy's shoes
So many n_ggas ungrateful, the real n_gga blues
So many nights, I feel used, on my call of duty
Hustler, blessed to be given this assignment, really
Rather have this call of duty than a [?]
My dog need a n_gga, he halfway through his bid
Sent my momma with a money bag to his kids
N_gga, that just my call of duty


Call of duty
Being a real n_gga making real n_gga music
That's just my call of duty
The streets need me, they call Boosie
No pressure, my n_gga
That's just my call of duty
That's just my call of duty, n_gga
Boosie Badazz
Boosie Badazz

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