Cruisin - Boosie Badazz feat Yo Gotti

Turn Up, Turn Up

[Hook x2 - Boozie Badazz:]
Cruising down the street
Cru-cru-cruising down the street, getting cash flow
Cruising down the street
Cru-cru-cruising down the street, with some bad hoes

[Verse 1 - Boozie Badazz:]
Crusing down the street with Nicky and Tiffany
Hookah in the air, and kush, cinnamon
Fresh up out the airplane, jumped up in the rafe
I'm barely in the door, f_ck the rain, I'm straight
Riding big bucket, me and my girl KimYeing
Worried bout nothing, I got license and registration
Pocket full of money, b_tch I ball like a dog
Ride like I'm in an old 'Lac on white wall
Turn down Peach street, stopped and got my dogs
Stopped and got a fifth, then we went and hit the mall
Got the hat to match my kicks, got some heels for my chicks
Talking million dollar deals on my iPhone 6, big!
Ride sick, can't too many buy this
Thought I was gone, came home and got rich
Drop top with a real hot b_tch
She from Brazil where the f_ck you find this?
I be


[Verse 2 - Yo Gotti:]
I pull up in some sh_t you never seen
I'm quick to sell a ho a dream
Damn Gotti you so selfish
And I'm like ho I feed the whole team
Get them bricks and I'm a flood the hood
White ghost, white leather, stainless steel hood
Yea my grill look like Benihana
White Rover for my baby momma
I'm Cruzin' down the street in an old school Chevy
Bumpin' NWA with that Mac 11
And I ain't saving no hoes cause I'm not a reverend
I'm from the streets, I'm a thug, and I'm super intelligent
Put on for the streets and I know that I am
454 on that cutless, plus the cam
Red interior, 458 sh_t
I pull up in slow mo
Look like the Matrix


[Verse 3 - Boosie:]
I keep that strap in my lap
My phone on loud
N_gga tryin' to spend something, can't miss that call
See a couple of haters looking
Dismiss that dog
You know me I'm looking back like I did that dog
It's too much money to be made
To fight over cron
The day I'm riding the I [?]
Treating my lungs
I gotta call from New York, another deal on the table
Got off the phone like yea, couple mil on the table
You can catch me in the whip front of sax 5th ave
With my Dominican black, rich long hair
Pass through they be looking as I swang on through
Real recognize real so I chuck up the deuce
Stopped at the Chevron, got a lil gas
Pull behind the car wash, got a lil head
N_ggas want my head, but the boy ain't scared
Headed home gon' to count the bread
Boosie Badazz
I be


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