Drop Top Music - Boosie Badazz feat Rick Ross

[Intro: Boosie Badazz]
Big Wayne on this beat n_gga, drop top music, gas the whip up
Call my bad b_tch, uh huh, way better than my last b_tch

[Verse 1: Boosie Badazz]
Drop top, wife beater and the weed lit
Woke up this morning, hit three chicks
Show money today, it's so sunny
Check the whip off playa, I'm getting money
[?] on my face, yeah this a couple grand
Hunnid grand plus in my jewel house pants
Everywhere I ride, getting love from the fans
Bond no. 9, you can see it when I pass
Going to the hotspot cause I love that you're my eight
Rolex watch, four bricks and a half
Haters looking down, I just look at them and laugh
Champagne, bubble bath, shopping spree for my gal

[Hook: Boosie Badazz]
This is drop drop drop drop drop top music
This is drop drop drop drop drop top music

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