Gone Bad (American Horror Story) - Boosie Badazz feat LIV

[Verse 1 - Boosie:]
She never felt appreciated
Even though she come from a home of money makers
Preachers, working people, no drug related
They kept her in the house until she 18
Now she found out and she want what the world brings
The fly n_ggas with diamond rings
To pay attention when she walk, she new light in the dark
She pretty but she easy now she spreading around the city
Lost her virgin last year now she up 20 n_ggas
Point to prove, so she tottin' pistols
10 months on that kush, graduated to that sniffa
Family they done washed their hands with her
She go to jail they probably won't get her
Cold world
Everybody like what happened mane to ol' girl?
Damn, good girl gone bad

[Hook - LIV:]
Came from a stable home
They kept her in the house too long
Now she out looking for love
Came around and found a thug
Now her attitude is nasty
Plus she can't control her habit
Good momma, good daddy
Good girl gone bad

[Verse 2 - Boosie:]
He grew up he was the quiet type
Him, Black and T Mike played all night
Did pretty well in school
But his house wasn't stable
Got two parents but the house ain't got cable
Daddy beating his Momma and she crying out save me
He just 7, to his pops he a baby
Now he got to sit in the room and take it
Couple years passed in his heart filled hatred
His mind frame, everybody trying to snake me
Got his hustle on open shop he was cakin'
Him Black and T mike, paper chasin'
N_gga caught black slippin' smoked him for no reason
Closest family he ever had, dead
Lost without his dog, now it's all code reds
Gun play, broad day
Lil n_gga gone mad
Since the age of 5 it's been a hell of a ride
Always hoping to smile not hoping to die
And stay jail free
With that same clique doing that same sh_t
When you lose your brother that change sh_t forever
He got a kid look just like him and it hurt
But you know what he would have did if you was in the dirt
Hollering chill, but you miss your brother
And his mother is like your mother, so yea
Lil' n_gga gone bad


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