Here We Go Again - Boosie Badazz

Boosie Bad Ass N_gga
Here We Go Again
I Go Thru Mo Sh_t
Ian Lying, Too Much For One N_gga
Here We Again, Dam Sh_t Real Round My Way
Sh_t Way Too Real Round My Way
I'm Talking Real Pain N_gga Believe That

[Hook - x16:]
Here We Go Again Pain

[Verse 1 - Lil Boosie:]
I Gotta Hold On, Cause I Been Struggling For So Long
Seem Like, When I Try To Do Right, It Go Wrong
In A Life Of A King Pin
Publicly Enemy Number One, In This Racists Ass State That I Live In
My Closely Friends They Don Got Me Indicted (B_tch Ass Snitch)
Had The World Said I'll Never Return
My Side B_tch Went Usher, And Let Me Burn
Some Many People Switch Up I'm Like Who Next To Turn
Say My Momma Gotta Blockage On Her Heart (Sh_ts Real)
Plus Another One Of My Hommies, Just Got Killed
Plus I Just Had Pneumonia, Bad If You Want
Spent 10 Years With A B_tch Now We Don't Even Much Talk
And They Got Seven Different Clique Wanna Put Me In Chalk
BabyMomma Treating Me Like She Ain't Got No Heart (Huh Bruh)
So My Weight On My Shoulder And It's Heavy Hommie
On My Knees Every Night Cause The Devil Want Me

[Hook x16]

[Verse 2 - Lil Boosie:]
Sometimes I Question Myself Why My Life Like This
Guess I'm a Violater Can't Do Right For Sh_t
And My Chain And My Range Hide The Pain Inside
Ian Eat, For A Week, When My Main Mane Died
And I Cried Like A Baby When He Wanting His Bottle
Plus My Favorite Nephew, Just Taught Him About It
Last Year, Was A Hard One, Yes Indeed
Drity System They Was Trynna Put That Needle In Me
Plus This Diabetes Sh_t, Hold My Ass Ian Lying
Just Check My Sugar It Was 455
Nusre Looking At Me Like You Know That's Too High (I Know)
Eyes Getting Blurry God Don't Let Me Go Blind
Seven Kids Counting On Me, And They Love Me To Death
Only Thang That Make Me Smile, Is I Love'em To Death
Sometimes I Go Up In My Zone, Be Like F_ck This Sh_t
How Do A N_gga With So Much Money Struggle Like This (Look)

[Hook x16]

[Verse 3 - Lil Boosie:]
FBI Questioning Me About Public Official
If The Sh_t Was True, They Woulda Had They Issue
And Everything I Rap Make My Words Get Twisted
Hate I'm Living In A World Full Of Snakes And Snitches
Gotta Watch Who I F_ck, Cause They Might Scream Rape
You Know Why The Scream Rape, Trying To Get A N_gga Cake
N_gga Words Come Out Smooth But They Heart Scream Hate
Father God I Didn't Betray How Much Mo' Can I Take
Wait, Got Everybody Watching Me
Life In The Public Eye So I'm Block For Peace
Ian Hide On The Streets, That's A Dangerous Fame
Is My Dirt Coming Around, I Play The Dangerous Game
Granny Probably Looking Down Saying I Ain't Change
Mommma Cried When First Saw Me Lock In Chain
City Murder Rate High, Guess Who Get The Blame
Dam, I Just Explain, What I'm Sayin Is

[Hook x8]

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