How We Do It - Boosie Badazz

We got the Phantoms on deck, lambo on the side, chevy sittin high yeah b_tch that's how we ride
That's how we do it x7
We posted up up in the club, bottles on ice, pockets full of hundred and we got the cheapest price
That's how we do it x7

Lil Boosie

Let me tell you how I rock, pocket full of rocks, bottle in the air, livin without a care
Let me tell you what I like, head with cold sprite
Let me tell you what I hate, haters with no cake
Let me tell you what I make, money with big stacks
Let me tell you why they hatin, cuz I young , rich, and black
Hoes lick my nutsack, rose by the six pack, skeet that sh_t off in they mouth (opps!) and I ain't feel bad
Gotta have my funds straight, time flyin gotta have my sons straight so they can shine
Wake up to get it up I hope you on the grind, cuz if you bullsh_tn' you'll get lapped this time
Im on the money makin mission got me handling bucks
Been countin money for so long my f_ckin hands cramp up
Get my keys I be ridin, put my b's in my pocket
Keep ridin dirty cuz the people cant stop it



Hustlin, 50 streets back against the wall
Scarred up since I was small, ive been through some sh_t to ball
The heat was on I couldn't stop, I had to let the cannons pop
The Bentleys fallin through the roof and now Im standin at the top
Grindin with my n_gga B, finally where im supposed to be
I know my boy watchin over me still I keep my sh_t close to me
Im doin this for my n_gga T, specially for my n_gga Mell
Specially for my n_ggas doin the L and getting outta jail
What ever be good as hell it aint nothin on a n_gga plate
Hungry than a motherf_cka a hustla eat a n_gga face
Imma keep it trill you can chill but time aint gon wait
You betta go head and get your paper before it get to late
Had to set myself straight at to set myself a goal
By 2010 im tryin to have a hundred million more
52 foot ceiling you cant touch it marble on the floor
Webbie trillest n_gga I aint doin nothing but get my hustle on

Lil trill

Imma start this thing for my dog B, trill fam, trill ent
Deaf kids look up to me so I gotta be all I can be
And I grind hard just to get this far, love my pops for what he did
Never thought I'd be this big, never thought I'd be this kid
I do it big but I keep my stacks
From big money to big racks
You got a check then we can talk, if you aint got it then you can walk
I do my thang betta ask around, chevy whip sittin off the ground
Burnin rubber throughout your town, ohh yeah boy we get it down
No blue cars black cars now, couldn't see me through an ultrasound
Too far like a mile long, im getting money like Mulan
Imma buy a house, buy my own estate
Been hungry eat your whole plate
Never turn on your main mayne or you'll crash like an airplane
Trill fam that's till the end, we all family can be friends
Hustle hard for your dividends, loyalty never defense
That crooked man cant be your friend, betta leave that boy alone
Or he will leave you all alone
Time to start from scratch homes

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