I'm Comin' Home - Boosie Badazz

Say Lil Bronze, a lot of motherf_ckers counted me out you know
I see why because you know, my situation crazy
It's crazy cause you used to say "f_ck a girl" but when a girl leave you and you down, that sh_t crazy bruh (It hurt)
But I used to always tell em, I told my women who left me, I told em...

I'm coming home
Wait for me
I'm coming home
Wait for me, wait for me
I'm coming home

[Verse 1:]
Murder charges, drug charges coming back to back
Hoes jumping off the ship and they ain't looking back
She telling me to have faith but where hers at?
Since I caught this charge, her voice, I ain't heard that
I wrote ya, told ya that I knew that I was coming home
Yo words ain't match when you wrote back you thought I was gone
I even told my dog to leave a message on your phone
Do you, but be here for me, just don't leave a n_gga alone
My seller just got off the phone, told me to leave em alone
Stank just murdered his son
He grabbed his chrome
Lit up his cigarette, thought back before his jail came
Was easy to take over I already had the jail fame
3 or 4 b_tches, (What they did?) they told me lies
I told them I was coming home, they rolled their eyes
Security guard at my cell, with a cold smile
What I told you at visit, girl? sh_t


[Verse 2:]
They tried to take my life
The system did me wrong
So I prayed at night
F_ck that, I'm coming home
Knew If I was coming home then I was coming home strong
Came home, murdered every f_cking song that I got on
Phone ranging, it's that money, it's everywhere I go
I know that b_tch thinking "I should've stayed, this n_gga getting paid"
I used to have a kind of side we did a little spending
But my new b_tch rock furs, Louis and Fendi
Red light I get the picture, the phone block
I call and you hung up, I think I know wassup now
Father God I've been betrayed again
Feel like they beat me like a slave again
So many counted Boosie out, when they read the line
But nobody knew the case, so I sat and smiled
In the mirror working out, time to get it in
Interviews telling my fans from the pen


I'm home now n_gga
I'm on now n_gga
Gettin' that bag now n_gga
I see now
God don't sleep, he do not sleep
My Auntie told a lady, she say "You can talk bout my nephew right now, it's looking bad, but God good. My nephew, he coming home baby" (I'm coming home)
I told Tootie, Ty, and Ivy (Wait for me)
I told Toriana and Ivy Ray (I'm coming home)
I told Lyric B and I told MJ (Wait for me)
I told my momma Connie, I said momma (I'm coming home)
I know that girl might not (wait for me), but I know my momma she gon' (Wait for me)
I ain't lying bout that, huh
I used to tell them n_ggas all the time (I'm coming home)
Locked down, n_gga what's happening now n_gga? (Wait for me)
All that fat-mouthing n_gga
Yeah last year this time I had them shackles on huh?
Told y'all I was gon' be in a jet this time of year n_gga
Yeah, I'm home now n_gga
I'm home now n_gga
All my family, prayed for me (pray for me)

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