I'm Sorry - Boosie Badazz

Look, I say mama (I say mama)
I'm sorry (I'm sorry) for putting you through so much (all my life)
And I say Ms. Connie I'm sorry for being a bad boy growing up
And hen I was gone (when I was in jail)
Mama I miss you (I miss you)
I miss you so damn much
She told me don't worry 'bout what they say (don't worry)
You coming home one day and you gon' be right back with us (real sh_t)
To my Ivyana (fat) I'm sorry for living you all alone
And to my lil Tarlaysia (black) black I'm sorry that your daddy was gone so long
To my lil n_gga lil Tootie I'm sorry, you getting big boy you gotta stay strong
Cause now that your daddy's back we gon' have them kinda stacks we gon' laugh together all night long
And to my Toriana fat I'm sorry for leaving you with only three
To my lil n_gga lil Ray Ray I'm sorry that I was never there to tuck you to sleep
She look at me and say daddy I'm sorry (who I'm talking 'bout?) I'm talking 'bout my Lyric B
And for my lil son Michael Jordan boy your daddy sorry but I make it up now that I'm free
Lil n_gga I apologise gise (Oh lord)
I apologise (f_ck that sh_t)
Tears in my eyes (I'm hurting inside)
To my big brother Taquari (TQ) I'm sorry (my n_gga I'm sorry straight up)
And to my lil niece Mattie I'm sorry too (tell Mattie)
To my n_gga lil Darryl (Lil Bleek) I'm sorry (n_gga I'm sorry)
That I was never mane to protect you (you)
Tears fall for the crew (mane )
Nephew thuggin' what I'ma do?
Let him down cause I'm the only one he listen to
My aunties I'm sorry
Sitting in jail missing my uncles daily (crazy ain't)
F_cked around and motivated the ones that hate me (whew)
I'm sorry baby
Now it's time for me to make it up
Smiling faces for you hating as b_tches (ha ha) who hated us
I let a million fans down and I'm sorry
They expressed in their letters (what they say?)
Told me longs I'm in jail the game won't get better now that's special
Special enough to make me want to grab a pad and pen
And jump on the mic and do it again (Do it again, do it again, straight up)
Special enough to make me grab a pad and pen
And jump in the booth and say it again (f_ck that)
I apologise
I got to prison and I got on my knees and I told God
I apologise
N_gga hurting inside like a mutherf_cker (hurting inside like a mutherf_cker)
N_gga told me in there no pain, no gain
All I could say was huh bruh?
I'ma send this one out to all the ones I love
From the heart though
I apologise

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