Life That I Dreamed of - Boosie Badazz

This the life that I dreamed of
Money, cars, respect, a whole lot of success
This the life that I dreamed of
Cause where I'm from we dreamers, we dreamers

[Verse 1:]
When we was 14 we used to dream on the corner
If we had millions when we got high off marijuana
Son was swimming from grinding daily on the corner
Now it's VIP treatment from sexy ladies in the sauna
Remember my uncle asked me what you wanna be
I told him wait, closed my eyes, and I dreamed me
Mink coats in my closet what I always wanted
Fore I had it, seen it coming so I always stunted
And my cousin had to keep me always blunted
Cause with a sober mind those dreams I had wasn't nothing
Now my pockets all hundreds, credit cards with no limit on it
Want it, I get it
Living like the old no limit homie
[?] the night, I told the block I would have millions
Everybody bust out laughing like old dreaming ass n_gga
Now times changed, house shoes, backyard Olympic pool
Fine cars when I ride


[Verse 2:]
When I was a teen, wanted respect like baby joseph
Now I take fools [?] because they already know
So this what I wanted, being the one not to be f_cked with
Make n_ggas second guess when they tryna come with f_ck sh_t
Clear water, white sand, man I always dreamed luxury
Different from my n_ggas man, who only dreamed Biloxi
Award shows with dreams and I get em in due time
P_ssys come a dime a dozen and I ain't got to say a line
Private test, designer clothes, man this everything I dreamed
Famous names, buku kids, this everything I seen
Having a team with everybody clean is what I dreamed
But I dreamed betrayal, and betrayal came to me
Persian rugs in my home, flat screens up in my bathroom
Talking parrots in my kitchen saying "Hi Boosie Boo"
Used to play Bingo, them same cards I played Bingo with
I buy them cars three at a time with the matching outfit


[Verse 3:]
I used to dream bout buying mama something way back
So I bought her a Benz with the seats laid back
I remember Lil Glenn sat me down told me his dreams
Now Lil Glenn dead, Russian roulette at 17
Lil Bleek gone, his dream of being a CEO with me
He wanted to meet Jay Z, this is when we was both broke n_ggas
[?] had rap dreams, and now my dog a dope fiend
Guess his rap dreams left when them crackers josed me
I used to chill with Don to dream like that
Bout freedom, and leaving the states and never looking back
We both got f_cked over, this is why we click clack
He used to be a marine, now he got numbers on his back
Big bank accounts I dream that, now it's reality
The ones who laughed at me was satisfied they had happy feet
Now I ride G5s and party on yachts
Got stocks and bonds, trust funds for four lil girls


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