Mercy on My Soul - Boosie Badazz feat Jeezy & Akelee

[Intro: Akelee]
Have mercy on my soul, shine on
Have have mercy, have have mercy
On my soul, shine on me
Lord shine on, oh

[Verse 1: Boosie Badazz]
First off I wanna apologise
Every time I made my momma cry
Leaving these p_ssy ass n_ggas traumatised
All the bad names I called ya when Lil Bleek and Lil Ivy died
Bless me over and over again
I know he bless me the more I was sin
Guess I was moving too fast in the wind
Got tied and pulled my ass in the pin
Now I'm looking at the past, thinking 'bout the future
Glad I got another chance, see ya feeling's mutual
Protect me in the streets when the times got crucial
When n_ggas slung iron, you made me blind to the shooters
And now I'm all alone and I'm calling on you daily
Asking for forgiveness and I'm asking you to save me
Protect my T-lady , don't stress my old lady
And you and I know how much I love my seven babies

[Hook: Akelee]
Have have mercy, have have mercy on my soul, shine on me
Lord shine on, oh

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
Thinking 'bout them nights that my momma cried
Only son since my only brother died
Surgery on surgery, I can feel the pain
Have mercy on the Lord, please don't let her hurt again
God you blessed my auntie Brenda be the living proof
Had a tumour in the brain size of a grapefruit
It's for them ghetto saviours that's living major
Now they missing like the flight 370 to Malaysia
We was skinning and grinning, thought we was winning
Hurt was hot as hell so I'm packing linen
And lately my conscience be shaking me, waking me right about my sleep
Keeping it 100 I ain't slipping 'bout a week, hey look
Gotta do it for my little cousin, Trasity
See her boyfriend took her life
When I think about the daughter she left behind
Pardon me, can't you actually see a gangsta cry, Lord have mercy

[Hook: Akelee]
Have have mercy, have have mercy on my soul, shine on me
Lord shine on, oh

[Verse 3: Boosie Badazz]
I was lost in a world-wind, now I'm sorry
Five different baby mama's coulda been on Maury
Staying up all night, smoking purp for hours
Can't even get my ass off to church a couple hours
Beefing with the enemy, teaching my son wrong things
In and out the hospital on that strong lane
Looking at the phone ring knowing it's my auntie
Knowing that she tryna pray for me, but I don't accept it
Now I'm selfish, not to others but myself
Cause I'm feeling like nobody know my struggle, just my wealth
But that was then and this is now and since you gave me another chance
God man I'mma promise I make ya proud
A lotta times I screamed to ya, felt like you ain't hear me
You ain't heard me cause I wasn't worthy, sins dirty dirty
Thugs cry, no lie had to hit my niece
Like please please, have mercy on me

[Hook: Akelee]
Have have mercy, have have mercy on my soul, shine on me
Lord shine on, oh

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