Mr. Miyagi - Boosie Badazz

All I ever did was teach folk in the community
A place where ain't no lawyers, or ain't no 'munity
Talked 'bout that in my city and how to keep it up
Explain to in detail why you boys don't know my struggle
It's that real deal sh_t from a real motherf_cker
My stomping ground make me a ill motherf_cker
Somebody say you might not like my music cause you might get burned from it
Mr. Miyagi with this sh_t dope, you learned from it
It's that murder man music, it's that n_gga Boosie
30 chains on his neck, look at him, that n_gga stupid
He on parole but look around 'em, he got 22
I trained 20 n_ggas, they busting 20 Ubers
I thought 'em how to sell, how to stack they mail
When they stripping fail, I got 'em outta jail
If that ain't real, what you call that? Came home got it all back
My line busy n_gga, call back

Mr. Miyagi with this real sh_t
Mr. Miyagi with this real sh_t
Mr. Miyagi with this real sh_t
Mr. Miyagi with this real sh_t

I took n_ggas with no hustle, met them outta juvy
Riding with n_ggas like Busta and [?]
I took care of n_ggas, if I was sliding, they was sliding with me
Wonder why a n_gga couldn't sit and testify me
F_cking everything we did get up and lie on me
If that ain't high ratings, Mr. Miyagi
F_ck any n_gga that ain't got my back, I know God got me
They said I wouldn't come at all, go watch
They say all my n_ggas looking like they got hard faces
Mr. Miyagi, why the f_ck you think they couldn't break?
Something rouge, they was schooled by a mental patient
Cause all they had was n_ggas brains on the dinner table
If they ever ever ghetto, they look up to me
Everybody just a little, they won't f_ck with me
If you's an animal [?], then I'm f_cking me
[?] wax on, wax off, Mr. Miyagi


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