Retaliation - Boosie Badazz

[Verse 1:]
N_gga just killed TyeTye
Caught him slipping in a drive-by
We so surprise his mama in tears
Somebody gon die now
His baby mama she been crazy
She done lost her mind now
Don't want to look at his lil boy
Cause it look like my dog
I'ma set it off in the muthaf_cka
I'm going ham with an AK
I promise his mama
I'm gon protect him
You gone get slam with AK
I'll duck tape you homie
Write your name on this list
P_ssy b_tch
And this pencil ain't got no eraser on it
Blood spill when a boss talk, I'm from Louisiana
Murder capital of all these states, peel your banana
Retaliate, four to the chest, two the face, if you can relate
If you think you gotta wait, b_tch you can die today
I'ma ride for my n_ggas mane

[Hook x4:]
I ride for my n_ggas
I die for my n_ggas
We searching for blood
Retaliation, it's payback p_ssy

[Verse 2:]
Like sharks we searching for blood
Like jaws I'm king of the sea
We kill we kill'em with gloves
Boy bouta eat this beat
Gas up this rental car
Park around the corner, jump out
This one for my dog, mane
Ian gon lie since he been gone
It's been so much pain
Rip him up with the mac
Just like that
Let him know I'm bout drowning
Wait by his block, the barbershop and his baby mama
I get dumb with the gat like london on the track
It's always gangsta
Seek and you shall find and it's a scary picture that I paint ya, n_gga

[Hook x4]

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