Window of My Eyes - Boosie Badazz

Last night I heard the rain on my windowpane
All I could think about was all the time my mama Connie begged me to change
But I ain't listen, and no this ain't living
Tryna kiss your kids through a f_cking glass window, no contact
Fein it through the [?], even took the telephone
Tryna holla at my kids, baby mama never home
Serg and his boys got a problem cause I'm Boosie
Surrounded by rats so they can tell on me, creul sh_t
Same with the new sh_t, paint a bad picture of me
With that picture in my head, was scared, I was go never touch
Living like the rest of us, Angola lifers
Working in the field, man over ya with a rifle
Letters get shorter, face get greyer
People ain't got no paper, we might die in this b_tch
This ain't living, I wouldn't wish this sh_t on my worst enemy
Feel like the whole world envy me, know I'm talking 'bout
Co-defendant flipped on me, glad he ain't flip back
N_gga was like my real son, killed me when he did that
Look in his eyes and look in mine, I be like "God damn"
They tryna stop a n_gga shine, I think it's time I

Open up the window of my eyes, my eyes, my eyes
I think it's time I open up the window of my eyes, my eyes, my eyes
I think it's time I open up the window of my eyes, my eyes, my eyes
I think it's time I open up the window of my eyes, my eyes, my eyes

I sit in the dark, it's so quiet I hear my heart beating
Too times faster than it did 'fore I was captured
I dreaming that I was free, I wake up like "God damn"
Sometimes I stare in the mirror and don't know who I am
I feel like Joe in the Bible, why is what I scream
My eyes don't even clear with drops of Visine
I'm mad for being Boosie, so sad my eyes hurt
Only way the sun shine, I get out the rain first
On the phone, son crying, and I wanna wipe his tears
Change his diapers, clean his ears, now you [?] in my eyes
I try to let it go but I got hatred up inside
Keep moving in slow mo' like the Matrix in my eyes
No sleep, no rest so I'm feeling like I ain't blessed
It's true I got more than most but I'm caged up like the rest
The devil's tryna defeat me, my closest friends deceive me
Question marks behind my freedom and got me badly eaten
I wake up feeling delusional, thoughts surface my brain
Visualising my kids, them thoughts turn into pain
My passion ain't what it was, my faith medium-rare
People I thought loved me is saying like they don't care
I'm stressing, biting my nails in my cell in pain
Me and the thunderstorms in my eyes can't see the rain
I'm calling out to the man, impatient I gotta wait
I know he come when he want but I need him to come today
No one to kiss me and hug me and tell me it gon' be okay
Plus the sickness that's attacking my kidneys like everyday
I think it's time


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