If You Were Mine - Boyzone

I See What He's Doing To You
And It Hurts Me So
I Wish I Could Steal You Away
But You Just Won't Go
Something's Holding You Close To Him
Something I Can't See
But Come That Day When You've Had Enough
I Pray You Come Running To Me

Cause If You Were Mine
You'd Know How Good Love Could Be
And If You Were Mine
I'd Love You Eternally
If You Were Mine

You Know That I Want You
You Know That I Need You

Every Time I See Your Face
It Lights Up My Day
But I Watch You Passing Me By
And My Sky Turns Grey
Maybe Someday You're Gonna See
I'm The One For You
Till Then I'll Just Have To Wait
For My Dreams To Come True


My Friends Keep Telling Me Let It Go
But What I Feel They'll Never Know
I Can't Stop My Heart's Beating So Strong For You
But You're With Him And Not With Me
Baby It's As Sad As It Can Be


I Really Need You Girl
You Know I Really Need You

Chorus To Fade

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