Liar Liar - Captain Ska

*(George Osborne speaking): "I want my children to
think our generation paid off its debts,
valued its savers, rewarded responsibility,
and invested in their future.
And because I want it for my children,
I want it for your children too.
I want it for everyone's children. Because we are all in this together".

Singing:(Chorus x2)
He's a liar liar
Oh, he's a liar liar
Oh you can't trust him

No no no no

We all know politicians like telling lies
Big ones, little ones, porkie pies.
Saying we're in it together won't disguise
We're all being taken for a ride.
Little men from little society
Telling us a bigger Big Society
Take the pinstriped suits and show them the door.
Cut the rich, not the poor.

(Nick Clegg speaking): "We're achieving some great
things already in this government.
I hope each and every one of you is as proud as I am
of what we've already achieved.
We are finally putting liberal values at the heart of British government".

(Chorus x2)
If you buy an apple but you get a pear
You would complain it would not be fair,
So if you vote for the Left and they turn to the Right,
It's your duty to put up a fight
Even though the votes have long been cast
It's still possible to make your mark.
Do everything in your power, you got
People rise up, overturn their plan.

(David Cameron speaking): "This government will not
cut the deficit in a way that hurts those we most need
to help, in a way that divides our country,
or in a way that undermines the spirit and ethos of
our vital public services".

(Margaret Thatcher speaking): "This government is pursuing

the only policy which gives any hope of bringing our
people back to real and lasting employment".

(David Cameron): "This government-"
(Margaret Thatcher): "This government-"
(David Cameron): "This government-"
(Margaret Thatcher): "This government-"

(David Cameron and Margaret Thatcher): "This government-This
government-This government-This government-"

Is a liar liar
Oh, is a liar liar
Oh, no no no no (x3)

He's a liar liar,
Oh, he's a liar liar,
You can't trust him,no no no no (x2)

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