Not What I Needed - Car Seat Headrest

I have nothing but questions
I need answers, those would fill me up
I know when I'm being catered to!
I know when I'm being catered to!
I will not settle for the lowest common denominator!

Hello my friend, we've been waiting for you for a long time
We have reason to believe that your soul is just like ours
Did you ever get the feeling you were just a little different?
Well, here's our web page, you've finally found a home

Good people give good advice
Get a job, eat an apple, it'll work itself out
It's a phase
It's chemistry
It's your own fault
Well don't listen to us
We're just people too

I've been waiting all my life
I've been waiting for some real good porn
Something with meaning, something fulfilling
I'd like to make my shame count for something

I feel so empty trying to explain this
His name is William Onyeabor, he's from the 70s
And when I wake up in the morning, there are people sleeping on my couch
Well, I'll have something to say about that one

Free people give free advice
Let go of the pain, let go of the fear
But if I let go of that
What will still be here
Will I find out
That I am people too?

Should I say that one more time?
Um, yeah, I mean, uh, the intent was to sort of go back to these periods and, and revisit them a little bit, especially with Teens of Style. You know, with Teens of Denial it was sort of contemporaneous when I was writing it. You know, and what I was experiencing at the time. And, uh, I guess I was just out of my teenage years when I was writing things for Teens of Denial. [?] really feel like anything had changed. So, um, yeah I guess [?] two of those items together [?] what I'm doing in the present tense
I'm sorry, will I have to say that again?
The connection must be bad. Um, can you try one more time?
Ah, um, when I was starting out, I, uh, recorded vocals in my car sometimes, uh, just for the sake of privacy

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