Souls - Car Seat Headrest

That wasn't any better at all
That didn't make me feel any better at all
I thought it would, but it didn't

My consciousness is bigger
It gives me no pleasure to say
My consciousness is bigger than yours
It gives me no pleasure

And we descend the basement
Poorly done murals, the faces
If there wasn't a house, we would build one with our bodies

Hang on to my ego
Everything is coming loose tonight
I'm too nervous for boys now
I'm too nervous for girls now

Every bottle you drink must be recycled and
Every plastic cup that can't be recycled in this town
At the party kids come in and out
Talking about T.S. Eliot

It starts out fun
Because the night is young
But then the night gets old
And it just gets cold
And we go outside
And we go back inside
And we say what's the plan
And there is no plan so we go
La la la la la la la la

I just need to wake up burst into motion
Raise my finger say aha, say moving is easy
I just need to take off, burst into motion

I just need to get up burst into motion
Raise my finger say aha, say moving is easy
I just need to get off

It wasn't fun
Wasn't educational
It lingered on
I put my fingers on you were gone

Let's get away from these despicable people
They can't keep their mouths to themselves
I know there's lots of other guys with my name here
But tell me I'm the only one that you will
Does anybody use this bathroom in the daytime?
Is this a house or the set of a film?
Let's get away from these awful people
They can't keep their minds to themselves

I refuse to let go until you're impressed
I refuse to let go until I'm depressed

I see you reaching out to t-t-t-touch
My skin shrinks, I think I'll be shocked
By that static
It's too dynamic

Because I never wanted you to change
I only wanted you to be different
Like, not so distant

Cause we are alone in our orgasms
But your flesh seems so solid
Why does it melt away
In the morning dew?

I'm sorry, I thought someone was there
Like two mirrors gazing into each other's eyes
Like two microphones kissing

But oh, that night, that music!
The longer it goes, the more important I feel
But oh, those lights, those colors!
The less I can see, the more I can feel

[?] said never to write about what's in my pockets
But that's where my hands are, and that's where they'll stay

Because you're used to a softer touch
She's just used to a gentler touch
She is used to a gentleman's touch
But hey man it's cool when you do it

We are alone in our dreams
Do we have to sleep tonight?
Murmur, murmur! Coward!
Building towards a meaning that'll never come

Leave someone beautiful
Find someone horrible
Dig me

I just want to have sex with you

When I say stop, stop stop stop stop STOP!

Bounce and stretch
I stretch into a smile
Not just my face, my body, my soul

Because I view life as something that I
Don't think I'll get away with
And you think that we've already gotten away

Yeah we all have dreams, I know
I should have forgotten them in the morning
(a dead dog painted on the sea)

If none of us know the words then only the melody matters

I wrote this verse drunk
I thought it would solve everything
I thought it would

When everyone was going homewards
Did you cry because it was over?
Or did you cry because you knew it would never end?

As long as we don't go to sleep yet
I promise I can't go to sleep yet
Cause the night's not dead, no the night's not dead
I will not go alone to my single-size bed

We could go anywhere but we will always be where we are

I waited for you on the eastern shore
Watching people trying to act sober on the other side of the sea
Until I laughed and headed home
I learned my lesson never to roam

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