Stoop Kid - Car Seat Headrest

This city has its share of stairs & if you stay there no one cares
These boxes I should probably recycle.
I haven't eaten in so long.
Stoop kid's afraid to leave his stoop.
I'd like to travel the world babe but stoop kid etc.
The concrete breaks my heart again.
Some kid walks by I spit at them.
The grocery story will still be there tomorrow.

I want a therapist more f_cked up than me b/c I look in your eyes like a deer looks into headlights

If I had a little time maybe I could start to find my way out but every time I move my feet dance my way across the street I lose it there's still beer cans on the step I pretend that I have kept on purpose but when the trashman comes around I just start to feel so down I can't move

Stoop kid's afraid to leave.

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