Can't Get over - Coco Lee feat Kelly Price

You got me mixed up breakin' down
Can't get over loving you boy
Can't get over
You got me mixed up breaking down
I need you to be around
Don't wanna find another

Verse 1
Broken heart, lost reasons
And these feelings that just won't go away
Changing times, new reason
But still holding on to dreams of someday
Cause I can't

Burning love, flames of passion
And the feeling you and I once shared
And my tears do they matter?
Tell me now, oh baby if you still care
Cause I want you back with me
Boy I can't get over you
And I can't know what to do
Baby, maybe we can try it again
Cause I love you
Can you take away the pain
Can you love me once again
Cause I just can't keep living without you

So come back to me, baby won't you please

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