Wherever You Go - Coco Lee

* Wherever you go
That's where I wanna be
Wanna go wherever you lead
You are my heart and so I will always follow

** Wherever you go
Wherever you go

Life before you
Was full of near misses
Uncertain nights
And half hearted kisses

Isn't it unbelievable
Almost inconceivable
But here you are like a waking dream
With love beyond imaging

[Repeat * , **]

You look in my eyes
And I can see heaven
You hold me close
and it feels like a river

Isn't it unbelieveable
Baby it's a miracle
To see you all like an open door
To everything I've waited for

[Repeat * , *]

No matter how far
Or whatever winding road you choose
Wherever you are
I wanna be there
I wanna be there

[Repeat * , * , *]

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