I Will Be Your Friend - Coco Lee

When every moment get too hard
The end of the road can feel so far
No matter how much time we're apart I'm always near you
I'll be the shelter in you rain, help you to find your smile
I'll make you laugh at a broken heart wherver you are

Chorus :
'Cause I'm never gonna walk away
If the walls come down some day
All alone you feel afraid
I'll be there when you call me name
You can always depend on me
I believe until forever ends
I will be your friend
(I will be your friend)

So many people come and go
But nothing can change the you I know
You'll never be just a face in the crowd, and time will show
Through the seasons and the years (and the years)
I will always hold you dear, never you fear


I'll be around when every candle burns down low
And I want you, and I want you to know

[Chorus] x 2

I will be your friend

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