Black & Brown - Danny Brown

[Verse 1: Black Milk]
A-yo; Long awaited, Debated
But f_ck it here we are brah
Here to save the game just like a memory card
Memory loss to Cali dro
To Amsterdam, out on the patio
Rockin like a Beatle I should record up in Abbey Road
Bet he flow, there he go talkin that
Hoodrich, money talk, hoodrich, Black male
With music that's always in the hood like crack sales
Or out in the burbs like E pills
He feels n_ggas can't f_ck with him
Shows, plenty fans round the globe screamin out y'all n_ggas can't f_ck with him
(Yep yep) Hit 'em with that new sh_t
Hittin off a new chick
That want me in her mouth like a toothpick
Who flips better heat? See this sh_t's timeless
While ya'll n_ggas got bad timing like teen pregnancies
Better be, better see, we coming with better heat

[Verse 2: Danny Brown]
Sittin on some Kobe's, smoking on a stogie
Bangin Noreaga, when I'm done I light the bogie (what, what)
40 on the floor mat a leave ya holey moley
Banana in her tailpipe, I'll make her Axel Foley
Eatin on pierogies, goose mixed with Sobe
Smokin on a OZ, pimpin like a O.G
If you never knew me, then you probably never know me
Blade on me homey mask on like Shinobi
Ball so hard, got a MVP trophy
Smoke so much kush I forget the hoes that blow me
Thick white b_tch slurp a n_gga like Kirby
Hoes on a n_gga and they all look thirsty
Say they 19 and they all look 30
Everyday clean y'all always dirty
Chronic coming in same bag as a turkey
Dark color purple and its tasting like Hershey

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