S.O.S - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]
I act like I'm that baby Brenda threw away
But I shine like I never seen a rainy day
Kinda cloudy like them diamonds that them rappers wear
Clowning like jesters that be in front of kings chairs
But they don't make a crown big enough to fit my head
My self-esteem high, see it can nest eggs
I'm sipping vodka straight, eating on fish eggs
Cashmere, and the color pastel
Used to have that crack like the liberty bell
But now I hit chicks with lips like Estelle
New SL, lights like fish eyes
B_tches say the d_ck good like Mickey D's French fries
Y'all never held weight, sorta like an ant thigh
Think you're doing bad? Think about Apartheid
Look in a narc's eyes, ask him why he flicked me
Said, "Brown, I had to, just look at your history"
Tried to tell the dude the truth
He still reminiscing when he used to lock me up for curfew
But I was just a young n_gga staying past street lights
Kinda fascinated finding out what the streets like
Learned my lesson, for sure changed my ways
But the hook still treat me like the kid I was yesterday

And I'm still that n_gga
We just getting started, roll another swisher
Crack another brew, cop another fifth
These rap n_ggas trash and all their beats filth
I pull up on 'em, my hat on tilt
The cutty sitting high like Shaq on stilts

[Verse 2]
It's like a unidentified foreign object
How you describe Brown as simple as a clock tick
But his beats harder than a witch nipple
Crazy as a hippie with a rifle sipping ripple
Beat you with a mini bat 'til you reconsider that
That chain looking rusty dog, get rid of that
I'm a pirate with the pyrex
Might f_ck a b_tch raw, Magic ain't died yet
Y'all n_ggas flow like cable, just the basic channel
Dough in front the fireplace, stacks to the mantel
Pleading guilty to anything they offer us
Copping out like quitting police officers
But we off it bruh, cases we forfeit
6's high, hope the 24's fit
Instigate beef and we all get torched
In the middle of the bull, like united center half court
Blow Newport, laughing at you hoes
Hitting y'all raw like wetting Gizmo
After twelve, how can I excel
In the city where n_ggas don't know what's real


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