Dada - Danny Brown

[Danny Brown]
Used to be starvin' trying to pack a bag of ramen open
Now I gotcha b_tch chokin' on this d_ck long strokin'
Everyday; bong smokin'
Champagne; glass toastin'
S_ckin' on this sex pistol 'bout to blow her brains open

Used to f_ck with rat b_tches
Now I f_ck with bad b_tches
F_ckin' since middle school
And dog you never had b_tches
Dog I came from rag to riches
Now I got your b_tch permission
Squirtin' on her lips and when you home you gon' kiss her

Take a n_gga head off
Like a hot mascot
Tell me why your breath smell
Like a burnin' bag of fag cock
Blowin' on some apricot
Crib like Camelot
Thinking of the days when I was countin' up my sack of rock

Leave ya with a Scarface
Cause you n_ggas rap a lot
N_gga you a sharpey
Homie I'm a long grenade
Found them yellow diamonds have a n_gga leakin' lemonade
N_gga you b_tch made
'Bout to need first aid

Dog I'm on the grind
Like an old stripper
In a room full of virgin nerds and fat n_ggas
Now we pack swishers
Drink straight liquor
Make ya b_tch go down low and lick your sister

Ghetto ass n_gga that dressed on suburban
Rap n_ggas gettin jerked
Ain't no Jergens
F_ck so bad in they ass fit Excursions
Detroit n_ggas got it wrapped like turbans

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