Blunt After Blunt - Danny Brown

[Verse 1]
Kush got a n_gga feeling awesome
Ate that b_tch p_ssy 'til she squirted like a dolphin
Told her bend over, hit that sh_t doggy
Called her a cab then I told that b_tch to call me
Danny Brown b_tch, tell me what you need
I got some Adderall and fire ass weed
And they try to tell me I get too high
That's a lie if so b_tch I woulda been died
But the flow OD, don't get cochesed, capiche?
F_ck with me, f_ck around and be deceased
Rest in peace wack n_ggas with your oversized clothes
Complain about my jeans cause I'm taking all they hoes
Hold up, wait a minute
Your p_ssy ain't sh_t 'til you had some Danny in it
I'm gone off a Zanny nodding off watching menace
Rolling on some purple that my n_gga call Grimmace
B_tch I ain't finish
These bars was test tubed in the lab with foreign chemist
Rolling testers on it but statistics got slumped
I'm smoking blunt after blunt

And I smoke
Blunt after blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt

[Verse 2]
'til my brain feels ten pounds heavier
You fell off like Tom Selleck in a Celica
B_tch give me brain for the hell of it
But to her it's heaven if she even gets a smell of it
That's why these b_tches f_ck with me
Cause I eat that p_ssy like a female MC
You get it? How about me and your girlfriend, you with it?
Money over everything the only thing that matter
And since I been getting it my been blunts getting fatter
Take a couple puffs off it now a n_gga woozy
The white hoes I f_ck with consider them whooties
We 'bout to make a movie, starring me and a cast full of groupies
And I do my own stunts, I'm smoking blunt after blunt


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