Generation Rx - Danny Brown

Looking at this pill in the middle of my palm
Pop it, sip some cola, 30 minutes, it be on
Staring at the sidekick, words come to me
Rolling up the Swisher, puffing on the loosie

[Verse 1]
Got a n_gga focused, feeling alright
With this type of feeling, I can write all night
I never had a problem with paying attention
Popped the Adderall, then I wrote a verse in minutes
Play this in your iPod, nodding on Vicodin
Man, this sh_t legal, it must be alright then
N_gga, yeah, right, this sh_t even worse
When doctor wrote prescription, your addiction was birthed
Turn your kids to fiends with a drug called Ritalin
This is for my n_ggas popping Xannies, not remembering
Uh... what they did last night
Pills and orange tubes got the government right
They say there's no stopping from starting Oxycontins
They in trailer parks sniffing it with rolled dollars
All about a dollar, baby killers in the world
The ones that supply you, when you gotta f_cking cold

I can't feel, when I'm off this pill
No doubt, I done 'em all, Xanny bars, Adderall
My mind drifts, let it dissolve in what I sipped
My soul blowing in the wind, eat pills and Vicodins

[Verse 2]
They say I, might go out like Heath Ledger
Laughing at the Joker off an antidepressant
And if you can't sleep, they got a pill for that
Brown good in popping Enzyte to get my d_ck fat
Fags take hormones to grow a set of titties
Got a pill to make your d_ck hard, when you're 60
Now tell me do that add up, G
When they lock your ass up for a dimebag of weed
Teen girls take birth control, killing off the seeds
Got her looking 20, when she only 15
They got illegal ones like X and Mescaline
In my teens my homie took one, he did 15
My granny turned out on them blood pressure pills
And if she don't pop 'em, she might not be here
But is it really helping make a n_gga shed a tear
I wonder, do they make a pill to take away your fears?


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